HDSC Alumni

Headshot Session

Jordan was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and in the Mongan Institute Health Policy Center in the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Neil’s research interests center on reducing cancer risk and disparities in two primary areas: increasing patient adherence to timely cancer screening and improving rates of participation in cancer prevention trials. To achieve these goals, Dr. Neil’s research employs novel experimental methods and digital modalities to test message design theories and persuasive message appeals to target meaningful and lasting behavior change.

At their core, these interventions tailor materials to meet the informational, cultural, and decision-making needs of the patient, while harnessing digital dissemination strategies to increase the degree of tailoring, track engagement, and enhance the scope of the intervention. Dr. Neil completed his doctoral training at the University of Florida.


Valeria was an undergraduate researcher at the Health Decisions Sciences Center. She supports projects measuring the effectiveness of a shared decision making approach and the use of decision aids in increasing satisfaction and feelings of efficacy in patients considering different colorectal cancer screening options, including older adults and those whose screenings were cancelled or delayed due to COVID-19.  

She is interested in promoting patient-centered care, facilitating informed decision-making, evaluating the effectiveness of decision aids through research, and supporting underserved populations in medicine.
Valeria is is a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2023. She is majoring in Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and minoring in German Language.

Emily Chen, BA
Research Assistant Health Decision Sciences Center

Emily was a research assistant at the Health Decision Sciences Center, who graduated from Dartmouth College in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience and Global Health. Over the course of a year, she provided assistance on multiple projects at the HDSC, with her main focus having been providing support to a shared decision-making study investigating patient-provider conversations with regards to colorectal screening in older adults. With the onset of COVID-19, Emily assisted on another study that examines patient preferences in rescheduling colonoscopies that were delayed due to COVID-19.

Her interests include investigating shared decision-making in the context of bridging health disparities and promoting individualized patient care that emphasizes every patient’s priorities.

Currently, Emily is working as a Doctor’s Assistant at Kuchnir Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery for this next year.

liis shea photo

Liis Shea, MPH
Clinical Research Coordinator, Health Decision Sciences Center

Ms. Shea is a Clinical Research Coordinator with the Health Decision Sciences Center. She worked on two studies focusing on shared decision making for elective surgeries in orthopedics. The studies examined how the quality of decisions impact patient experience, health outcomes, costs, but also impact trust in the surgeon or regret about the decision.

Previously, she oversaw health promotion and communication programs at the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Her interests include patient education, health literacy and policy implementation for shared decision making.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies from Tartu University and a Master of Arts degree in Health Communication from Emerson College.

Mahima 1Mahima Mangla, MPH
Program Manager, Health Decision Sciences Center

Mahima managed the implementation of shared decision making and integration of decision aids into routine care for patients seeking orthopedic treatment at Mass General.

She oversaw the research and quality improvement projects that evaluate patient decision quality, patient engagement, and the impact of shared decision making. She also assisted in overseeing a patient advisory committee for HDSC’s orthopedic studies.

Mahima holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Art History from New York University and a Masters of Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health.


square SheilaSheila Mwangi, MPH
Clinical Research Coordinator, Health Decision Sciences Center

Sheila was previously involved with the HDSC in 2012 as a volunteer and was responsible for the distribution of decision aids. As an MPH candidate, she returned to complete her practicum on assessing the comparative effectiveness of two decision aids for hip and knee osteoarthritis patients. She helped the research team with recruitment, survey administration, and the management of research participants.

Sheila holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Hamilton College and a Masters of Public Health degree from Boston University School of Public Health.



square SusannahSusannah Daggett, BA
Clinical Research Coordinator, Health Decision Sciences Center

Susannah worked on a PCORI-funded study comparing decision aids for patients making treatment decisions about their hip and knee osteoarthritis.

She supported the research team by recruiting, surveying, and managing study participants. Susannah has worked previously on shared decision making research at Maine Medical Center and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Child Study and Human Development from Tufts University.



square CaitieCatherine Meyer, BA
Research Assistant, Health Decision Sciences Center

Catherine worked on shared decision making skills training for clinicians and supported various implementation and research projects at HDSC.

She has previously involved with shared decision making at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center’s Center for Shared Decision Making and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Health Policy from Dartmouth College.




Sharon Floramo
Administrative Assistant, Health Decision Sciences Center

Following 15 years of service as an administrative assistant at Mass General; Sharon joined the Health Decision Sciences Center as part of a dual role in the General Medicine Division. She played an integral role in the distribution of decision aids.