Workflow Design

Designing Decision Aid Delivery Workflow:

The implementation team can use the workflow template in the resources below to design their decision aid delivery process. Once a plan is formulated, it is important to pilot or review it with the team members (often frontline staff) who will be responsible for each step to ensure it is feasible and to identify any gaps. Below are some specific steps to consider:

  • Convene implementation team(s).
  • Determine target patient populations.
  • Develop identification strategy for target populations that is systemic and equitable.
  • Map current clinical workflows for targeted patients.
  • Remap clinical workflow to incorporate identification of target populations, decision aid distribution, (decision support coaching if applicable), and data collection for project monitoring.
  • Interview key staff to clarify current responsibilities related to clinical workflows.
  • Revise job descriptions as appropriate to adjusted responsibilities related to decision aid distribution roles.


Click here to download resources to help design your workflow. Contained within this document are the following four items:

  1. Workflow Template: This document can be used by the implementation team to map out the different activities and assign roles to staff to fully integrate the decision aid into clinic workflow.
  2. Pre-Visit Delivery Workflow: Example of a completed workflow template from an orthopedic clinic where the decision aid is delivered before a visit with the orthopedic surgeon.
  3. Day-Of-Visit Delivery Workflow: Example of a completed workflow template from a practice where the decision aid is delivered on the day of the visit with the orthopedic surgeon.
  4. Job Description and Staff Scripts for Introducing Decision Aid: Example of language that has been incorporated into job descriptions for clinical staff. Sample scripts that have been used by clinical staff when delivering the decision aid to patients which encourages decision aid viewing. Examples can be modified to clinic’s needs and workflows.

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