Shared Decision Making Process Scale

The Shared Decision Making (SDM) Process Scale is a short, patient-reported survey that measures the extent to which health care providers engage patients in shared decision making. The survey focuses on four specific behaviors that are critical for shared decision making – discussion of options, pros, cons and preferences. Items from the SDM Process Scale have been adapted to specific clinical topics and included as part of the Decision Quality Instruments. You can download the survey and user guide below:


A 4-item version has also been endorsed by the National Quality Forum as a PRO-PM for selected surgical decisions (measure #2962). You can download the NQF user guide here:


The SDM Process Scale is copyrighted but available for researchers, clinicians and administrators to use free of charge. We encourage users to send us an email in order for us to track interest in the measure and to help us generate evidence to improve the instruments.

Please contact the research team at to update us on your experience or with any questions about the survey.