The Promoting Informed Decisions about Cancer Screening in Older Adults (PRIMED Study) is a research study done by Drs. Karen Sepucha and Leigh Simmons with a team at Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with Drs. Kathleen Fairfield and Neil Korsen with a team at Maine Medical Center.

The purpose of the study is to learn more about how doctors and patients talk about colon cancer screening (for example, a colonoscopy, stool test, or no further testing options, etc.).

We want to thank the patients who completed the PRIMED Study surveys. By getting involved, they helped to answer an important question about how we give patients information, so they can make better, informed decisions about whether to continue or stop colon cancer screening. Their participation is valued.

The study enrolled more than 450 patients at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Newton Wellesley Hospital, North Shore Medical Center, and Maine Medical Center.

A copy of the patient decision worksheet about colorectal cancer screening options is available in both English and Spanish.

COVID-19 Supplement

The Promoting Informed Decisions about Cancer Screening in Older Adults (PRIMED Study) COVID-19 supplement began in response to the pandemic. During this time, elective procedures have been restricted, resulting in a sharp reduction in the number of colonoscopies.  Most hospitals and centers have been able to resume screening colonoscopies and other elective health care services. However, patients may not  be willing or able to come back to get routine cancer screening, leading to a more significant impact on cancer mortality rates by these testing delays. This study will add new information to what is known about patients’ attitudes and concerns about healthcare screening during a pandemic. It will also help us determine how to support informed decision making during the pandemic.

The purpose of the study is to examine how patients, aged 45-75 who are at low or average risk for colon cancer, feel about scheduling their colon cancer screening test.

We want to thank you for completing the PRIMED-COVID Study surveys. Your involvement helps answer an important question about patient preferences and how we can support informing patients and delivering cancer screening to all patients in a safe, equitable, and patient-centered manner.  We value and appreciate your participation and contribution to this work.