Tools & Training

An important pillar of the work done at the HDSC is to find multiple ways to ensure shared decision making is implemented in routine care. To support these efforts, we have created tools to make shared decision making conversations easier. We also lead training sessions for clinicians and staff on how to prescribe decision aids and enhance patient care through shared decision making. In addition, to measure the impact of shared decision making efforts in practice, the HDSC has a rigorous approach to measuring the quality of medical decisions.

To integrate and measure shared decision making, the HDSC offers the following:

Decision Worksheets

Decision Worksheets can help make shared decision making conversations easier by guiding clinicians and patients through a discussion of each option’s key benefits and harms for a specific treatment decision.

Decision Quality Instruments

Decision Quality Instruments (DQIs) assess the quality of patients’ medical decisions, helping clinicians and researchers understand where improvements are needed and what interventions work to help patients make good decisions regarding their care.

Shared Decision Making Training for Clinicians

We host several different types of training and workshops to improve clinicians’ skills in shared decision making. Training focus on important aspects of engaging in a successful shared decision making conversation, such as risk communication skills, patient engagement, and using decision support tools during a care visit.

Shared Decision Making Process Scale

The SDM Process Scale measures how well providers are engaging patients in shared decision making.  The survey is patient-reported and has been endorsed by the National Quality Forum as a PRO-PM (measure #2962).

Videos about Shared Decision Making

The Informed Medical Decisions Foundation (now the Informed Medical Decisions Program) produced several videos about shared decision making. The videos highlight examples of shared decision making, the value of shared decision making, and implementation of shared decision making.