Patient Support Corps

Anagha Kumar is a head Patient Support Corps intern at the Health Decision Sciences Center. Through the Patient Support Corps, she helps patients navigate their appointment and clarify their questions and objectives while providing emotional support along the way. She also helps facilitate a Harvard volunteer chapter and train new student interns.
She is interested in promoting patient-centered care, aiding with innovations to geriatric healthcare, and supporting patients throughout their healthcare journey.
Anagha is a rising senior at Harvard College majoring in Neuroscience and the History of Science.

Akila Muthukumar is a head Patient Support Corps intern at the Health Decision Sciences Center where she helps patients prepare questions before their appointment by listening to their concerns and needs. She also helps facilitate a Harvard volunteer chapter and train new student interns.
She is interested in promoting effective communication at all levels of patient-centered care and enjoys bioethics research, with a particular interest in elevating the health of chronically ill patients and underserved populations of women, children, or non-English speakers.
Akila is a rising junior at Harvard college majoring in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and English.

Benjamin Chun is a member of the Patient Support Corps and is passionate about helping patients from all walks of life.
His interests include improving accessibility to healthcare, promoting patient engagement, and supporting a patient-centered approach to medicine.
He is currently a member of the Harvard College Class of 2023 and is concentrating in Integrative Biology.

Jai Khurana is an undergraduate volunteer who is very excited to be working with the Patient Advocacy Support Group. He works to help patients develop key questions before their doctor appointments through engaging conversations. Jai hopes to help patients feel more comfortable and prepared for their appointments.
Jai is a member of the Harvard Class of 2024. He is concentrating in History of Science with a secondary in Chemistry while on the pre-med track.

Chaimaa Mansour Hossaini is a member of the Patient Support Corps.
Through both medicine and public health, she strives to bring all the patients she interacts with the best quality care now as an undergraduate and later as a prospective physician. Utilizing these techniques to provide best quality care, Chaimaa aims to aid underserved populations that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Chaimaa is a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Sociology and Chemistry at Harvard.

Abby Obeng-Marnu is an undergraduate Patient Advocate with the Massachusetts General Hospital Patient Support Corps. She works with patients to develop question lists for their upcoming doctors’ appointments. She has many interests from investigating health disparities and health literacy to neurodevelopment disorders and maternal health.
Abby is a member of the Harvard College Class of 2023. She is concentrating in Neurobiology with a secondary in Linguistics, on the pre-medical track.

Jason Shen is a patient support corps volunteer at the MGH Health Decision Sciences Center. He supports patients by conducting pre-visit interviews and by transcribing patient visits with their physicians. Through these two methods, Jason seeks to improve the overall experience of patients by helping them articulate their concerns while relieving them of the burden to remember the details of their visit.
Jason is a member of the Harvard College Class of 2022. He is studying Neuroscience with a secondary in Philosophy.

Cindy Wang is an undergraduate researcher working with the Health Decisions Sciences Center as a volunteer for the Patient Advisory Student Group. She supports efforts to help patients better organize their medical appointments and navigate the complex healthcare system.
She is interested in enhancing the healthcare interface for physicians, patients and families, especially those in under-resourced areas, such that patients feel support and empathy while physicians and researchers can employ effective decision aids and more intuitive data collection to spur future innovations in medicine.
Cindy is a sophomore at Harvard College, concentrating in Statistics and Computer Science with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy and seeking a citation in Spanish.